Exemplary Service and Guidance
through all stages

One of the factors that have distinguished Rothstar from other construction companies is our full-service approach to the construction and building processes. We are fully committed to partnering with your business through each stage of your project:


Construction Management

General Contracting

Disaster & Emergency Response

Our menu of services has been developed to satisfy your businesses’ needs at any given time. Whether you’re a bank looking to upgrade, a tech start-up ready to build a hub, a law firm needing to expand or a restaurant aspiring to meet the growing needs of Southeast Florida, we look forward to helping you build the future.


Preconstruction is the phase of the building process in which vital regulatory,
design and other concerns are finalized. Clear communication is our hallmark.

Project Planning and Development
  • Assist in defining the roles and responsibilities of project team members.
  • Assist in establishing procedures, lines of communication and methods of approval.
  • Consult and advise on preliminary design budget.
  • Establish preliminary schedule and determine milestone dates.
  • Consult and advise in selection of design professionals.
  • Monitor and evaluate design documents to insure adherence to the established project design and intent.
  • Monitor and evaluate design documents for compliance with landlord requirements.
  • Monitor and evaluate design documents for compliance with governmental requirements.
  • Monitor and evaluate design documents to insure adherence to the preliminary design budget and provide value-engineering services.
  • Perform thorough review of project documents for final approval.
  • Assist in assembly of project procurement and contracting documents.
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notes.

Construction Management

We understand the importance of controlling cost and time while delivering optimal results. Rothstar provides expert and comprehensive management services for your construction project with an experienced and qualified team that can deliver your project on schedule and on budget.

Clear communication is our hallmark.

Oversight of Project Design 
and Construction

  • Review and evaluate construction documents, construction budget and schedule.
  • Survey and assess existing job site conditions.
  • Develop construction cost estimate.
  • Develop construction schedule.
  • Consult and advise in the selection of a general contractor and subcontractors.
  • Consult and advise in the selection of client contracted vendors.
  • Assemble permit documentation for review by governmental authorities.
  • Coordinate design and construction groups.
  • Oversee implementation of project design and intent.
  • Oversee construction from commencement to completion.
  • Monitor and ensure the quality of workmanship and materials.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with proper construction and safety procedures.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with proper environmental protocols.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with landlord and governmental requirements.
  • Review and process vendor agreements.
  • Review and process request for change orders and billings.
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on compliance with construction estimate.
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on compliance with construction schedule.
  • Coordinate tenant occupancy activities.
  • Assist in development of the punch list.
  • Monitor and ensure completion of the punch list
  • Assist in obtaining close-out documents, owner manuals, warranties and maintenance schedules.

General Contracting

The capabilities of the general contractor are central to the success of any construction project. We have the capacity to administrate all aspects of the work. Our field staff have the experience and knowledge to manage the job site. We are State of Florida Certified General Contractors. All our personnel work smoothly with the owner and design professionals to ensure the project meets all their expectations. Clear communication is our hallmark.

General contracting is the lifeblood of your construction project; make sure you choose the right one with the right qualifications.

Site Work
  • Site Preparation – site clearing, demolition, earthwork, excavation
  • Exterior Improvements – paving, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, fences, irrigation, planting.
  • Utilities – water, sanitary, stormwater, electrical, communications.
Building Shells and Cores
  • Substructure – foundations
  • Structural – columns, floor decks, roof decks
  • Envelopes – entrances, masonry walls, windows, curtain walls, roofing.
  • Systems – conveying equipment, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical.
Interior Improvements
  • Demolition
  • Architectural Woodwork – casework, trims, laminate facing, natural wood
  • Finishes – gypsum board, ceilings, flooring, wall finishes
  • Fire Suppression Systems – water based, clean-agent
  • Plumbing Systems – water, sanitary, medical gas
  • HVAC – central, supplemental, retrofits, controls
  • Electrical and Life Safety Systems

Disaster & Emergency Response

Fire, Flood, Windstorm and other incidents – natural or man-made

Response Phase
  • Perform initial assessment of scope and severity of damage.
  • Coordinate efforts to identify hazards and make safe.
  • Coordinate efforts to secure and safeguard location from intrusion.
  • Develop action plan to ensure public safety, limit additional damage and protect vulnerable items.
  • Coordinate implementation of the action plan.
Recovery Phase
  • Coordinate and advise on efforts to resume critical operations.
  • Coordinate efforts to restore critical infrastructure, services and facilities.
  • Consult and advise on preliminary budget to resume critical operations.
  • Establish preliminary schedule with milestone dates to resume critical operations.
  • Assist in compilation of required insurance documentation.
Reconstruction Phase
  • Consult and advise on efforts to resume normal operations.
  • Provide Pre-Construction services.
  • Provide Construction Management services.
  • Provide General Contracting services.
  • Assist in compilation of required insurance documentation.

We do more than just build spaces; we also bring them back to life. Our team of professionals have helped businesses react quickly and efficiently to the damage caused by calamitous events. We are very sensitive to the impact these difficult situations have on the people involved and will make every effort to smooth the way forward. When something happens beyond your control we are the ones you can trust.

Contact our team today at 305.442.4462 and let us know what we can do for you.

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